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Tailor-made translations of English and French documents into clear, polished Dutch.

Ilucu is a small translation agency founded and run by Erik Pleijte Lou that specialises in tailor-made translations for English and French language companies and organisations that aim to expand into the Dutch-speaking market.

If you are looking for a translation partner who takes the time to get to know your company and your products or services and who caters to your target audience, look no further than Ilucu!

Whether it's instruction manuals, marketing texts, correspondence, official documents or your website, Ilucu will provide you with a tailor-made translation that reads as though it had been originally written in Dutch and that suits your products and services, allowing you to approach your target audience with confidence!

Do you already have a draft version in Dutch and would you like a native speaker to have a second look? Ilucu can help you with that as well!

Don't sell yourself short by fiddling around with online translators and dictionaries. Choose Ilucu and you'll get a professional, dedicated and affordable translation service to suit your exact needs!


Ilucu offers translations from French into Dutch and English, from Dutch into English and from English into Dutch. But why should you even bother with Dutch?

Dutch is the third most widely spoken Germanic language after English and German and the native tongue of some 25 million Europeans in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Dutch language region is among the wealthiest regions in the European Union and extremely centrally located. It encompasses major cities like Amsterdam, Brussels and The Hague and is only a stone's throw away from Paris, Frankfurt and the German Ruhr Area.

The Dutch language region's innovative economy is larger than that of Spain and its strategic location on Europe's trading crossroads makes it the perfect gateway to the rest of the EU.

The region is also known for its technological advances and its people are early adopters of new technologies, new products and new services. High speed internet is omnipresent and online shopping is extremely popular with most orders arriving at their destination within 24 or even 12 hours.

While most citizens in this part of the world do speak (some) English, French and German as additional languages, Dutch is essential if you really want to conquer the market or establish a European base there.

A successful entry into the Dutch speaking market is the perfect stepping stone for an expansion into continental Europe!

About us

I’m Erik Pleijte Lou and in 2017, with nearly 20 years of experience in international trade in my pocket, I decided to focus more on translating by founding Ilucu.

I first started in this field in the late 1990s when I enrolled for a college degree in International Trade in the Netherlands, following which I moved to England to gain work experience in logistics. I spent most of my time there translating various French and German documents into English and I also assisted with solving the daily logistical puzzles.

Later, I continued studying in the Netherlands and in Italy where I gained a bachelors degree in European Studies and a masters degree in Political Science. In my spare time, I took on various jobs such as multilingual tour guide and English teacher.

In 2009, I took up a new challenge when I joined the Wallonia Export & Investment Agency with the Embassy of Belgium in The Hague, Netherlands where I supported Walloon exporters in their approach of the Dutch market. Apart from translating a wide variety of documents from French (and sometimes German) into Dutch, I carried out market research, sought out potential business partners for our clients and I co-organised various events.

What I’ve enjoyed most throughout my career so far is the diversity among clients: one day I might be working with a craft beer brewery and the next with a start-up in biotechnology. No one assignment is the same as another and I'm never done learning. I love the passion of the clients for their products and I take pride in making a small contribution to their efforts!


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